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PPC Expert

Google Ads Management in Columbus Ohio

My name is Adam Kendrick and I am a Google ads freelancer located in central Ohio. As a Google Ads consultant I am constantly staying on the cutting edge to help my clients get the most out of their Google ads campaigns.

As a search engine marketing professional and former eCommerce entrepreneur I enjoy creating and managing both large and small Google Ads campaigns. Helping clients meet target growth goals is a passion of mine. I have worked for a number of years in search engine marketing, search engine optimization, paid social, data analysis and website development.



Search Engine Marketing Services

I am able to help in all areas of digital marketing but my core offerings are Google Ads and Bing Ads.


With Google being the largest search engine, if you are not running ads there you are losing business. I have run millions of dollars worth of Google PPC and I can help your campaign generate the leads that your business needs.

Bing ADS

With Bing being the second largest search engine, it is a great place to get value leads. Bing may only be 10% of searchers but the lead quality is better depending on the industry.